What does art psychotherapy involve?

Art therapy sessions involve using whichever art materials and methods feel comfortable for you. You may wish to draw, paint, scribble, use clay or plasticine or collage materials. This is in addition to talking through the issues that arise.

What if I can't draw?

You don’t have to have any particular ability, experience or skills in art, just a willingness to enter into the process, which might just involve playing with the art materials. Art psychotherapists are not concerned with artistic ability but are there to provide a safe and facilitating environment in which thoughts and feelings may be explored and difficulties addressed and resolved.

Treatment details

The first session is normally a talking (assessment) session where you are given the opportunity to talk about your needs and your history, and to find out more about what is involved in art psychotherapy. In the following assessment session(s), you will be able to try out using art materials in a therapeutic context. Thereafter, sessions are arranged on a regular basis, at the same time each week. Treatment would normally be for at least six sessions, depending on your needs.


My fee is £50 a session, but this is negotiable if you are in financial difficulty. 


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